Tourdates + free DANGER!MAN mp3 downloads

All DANGER!MAN releases are available as free mp3 downloads to anyone interested. We do not consider mp3 or other digital media products that anyone should have to pay for. We will encourage you to buy our releases on physical media instead :-)

And by the way... feel free to share these files with anyone you like!

Handicap - LP
Handicap LP

Our new release is a split-LP with Lucky Malice from Halden. We're really happy with this one! :-)

Vinyl LP with free CD out on Sjakkmatt Plater(N) / Tonehjulet Kräftpest(N) / Boss Tuneage Records(UK).

Free mp3 download
KAOS Conspiracy - LP
KAOS Conspiracy LP + bonus tracks from free 7"

Our second release on Sjakkmatt Plater & Rookie Records. A split-LP with The Bone Idles, from Karlsruhe.

Free mp3 download
The Blame Game - LP
The Blame Game LP

Our first album, released on Sjakkmatt Plater(N) & Boss Tuneage(UK)

The vinyl is all gone by now, but CDs are still available.

Free mp3 download